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Ok so your wondering what I'm up to eh.
Well this is a list of all the random kind things I've done for people, I'm going to try and do at least one but hopefully more each day for the foreseeable future. The idea of writing this down is twofold, firstly I hope that it will encourage some of you to do something similar on a regular basis, and secondly it will be a record of some of the things I've done along my life starting on the 9th January 2010.
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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Tuesday Jan 11th 2010

Ok so today was poor, I had a wee emergency at work that took up my whole day pretty much, even my lunch hour, so other than standard gentlemanly behaviour like holding doors open and smiling at strangers there's not much to report today. One thing though Johnny, the red cross charity worker from yesterday sent me his email about what happened with the flowers I asked him to give to someone deserving, his email is as follows d=(^_^)=b Thanks Johnny.
"Hey man,
It's Jonny from the street today. Ok, so I gave the gift to a really nice middle aged lady called Beverly and her initial reaction was one of shock and a general sense of bewilderment; I explained the story to her and told her about your resolution, then a  huge smile emerged across her face and said she commented upon it being so refreshing and pleasent to here of someone being so unselfish and thoughtful in this day of age. I also thought it was a really nice thing to do and after speaking to so many people on the street on a day to day basis who can be grumpy and unpleasent, it made me finish my shift with a smile on my face. Keep it up dude and I'll hopefully catch you on the street again sometime.

I also wrote a letter to the Metro today so hopefully that one will be in the paper tomorrow for everyone who reads the letters page, so keep an eye out. (^_^)

Night all.......

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