What its all about?!?!?!

Ok so your wondering what I'm up to eh.
Well this is a list of all the random kind things I've done for people, I'm going to try and do at least one but hopefully more each day for the foreseeable future. The idea of writing this down is twofold, firstly I hope that it will encourage some of you to do something similar on a regular basis, and secondly it will be a record of some of the things I've done along my life starting on the 9th January 2010.
Peace n Love.....

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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday Jan 9th 2010

So today I started my campaign of random acts of kindness to strangers. I noticed an old man on the street, he was sitting with his dog by his side and a blanket over his legs on Princes street staring vacantly into space, I walked past to the next coffee shop and bought him a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream and got the girl behind the counter to add a heart shaped chocolate sprinkle to the top. The chap, I neglected to get his name, a mistake I wont make again, anyway I digress, he was unaware as i bent down by his side. Then he noticed me and the biggest smile spread accros his face.He was so happy I smiled at him and went on my way. I had a mission and another spare chocolate to give away, These were grande too no skimping on small cups, Just along the street I knew there would be a old face, I never stopped to talk to him but hes a nice chap who stands with the sign for the chinese takeaway just opposite Princes mall, I always think he must have to stand there all day and not get a warm cuppa so he was my next target. I walked straight up to him, he was looking slightly nervous as this smartly dressed chap walked up to him with 2 cups in hand. I simply handed him one and said free chocolate, I bought one too many and you always look cold, honest there's no poison in it, I took a sip from mine to prove it to give him peace of mind, he took it and smiled broadly thanking me. I went on my way, this was getting addictive. Next was just at the omni centre, something I do on a regular basis but kind all the same (More people should do this and this is the first time I've had a thank you for it in a good while, people need to say please and thank you more often) I was walking in the door at the top and I just held the door open for the girl a few steps behind, she was cute though, she gave me a big grin and thanked me. I then bumped in to Daire, told her of my mission for the day and gave her my paper to read, this one was a act of kindness for me cos I was bored of carrying it (^_^) cheers Daire. I then went to visit my friend Suzi and fixed her shower (a bit it needs more work) and got her to come shopping for belts at TK Maxx along the road as I needed a new one and so did she. She chose a little green number that was reduced to £3 so I just bought it with my three, I then fixed her firefox as it was foolked. That's it for today, bring on Monday d=(^_^)=b

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